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Burndy Unirap Nylon Cable Ties CT18075C

Burndy Unirap Nylon Cable Ties CT18075C

Product Categories : BURNDY Products, UNIRAP, Nylon Cable Ties

Product Brand : Burndy

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UNIRAP Cable ties are fabricated of one piece nylon with no metal parts. The straps are tough, resilient, lightweeight and abrasion resistant. They offer high tensile strength and are chemically resistive to solvents, alkalies, oils, grease and diluted acids. Self-locking, they secure without twisting or leaving sharp projections.

Part No: CT18075C

Length In. (mm): 4.00 (102)

Minimum Tensile Strength lbs.(N): 18 (80)

Width In (mm): 0.10 (2.5)

Maximum Bundle Diameter In (mm): 0.75 (19)

Installation Tools: MK7

Unirap 0.07 MB Download

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