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2292 - Winding Resistance Meter

2292 - Winding Resistance Meter

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The 2292 is a high current resistance meter based on the four point measuring technique. The instrument is especially designed and optimized for low resistance measurements in highly inductive circuits. The design responds to the needs of utilities and transformer manufacturers for portable unit of high accuracy and ease of operation.


•Fully automated resistance measurement of virtually any size and type of windings

•Large graphic display shows all data

•Compact and rugged design for use in harsh environments in field or factory applications

•Three independent measurement channels allow testing of three series connected windings simultaneously

•Data exchange to printer or computer over built-in interface without additional software

•Remote control software to operate the unit from a laptop or PC, for easy gathering, exchanging and analyzing of measuring data.

•Optimized for transformer measurement and heat run test


•Unmatched speed, range and accuracy make this instrument the perfect tool for cost-effective and reliable maintenance measurements

•Safety discharge circuit feature proofs and indicates the rapid discharge process to avoid any damage of personnel, test equipment and instrument


•Power Transformers

•Distribution Transformers

•Instrument Transformers

•Rotating Machines



•Circuit Breakers


2292/10: Cable set for 2292, 10m

•2292/20: Cable set for 2292, 20m

•2292/APSW: Remote control software

•2292/SHORT: 3 short circuit current leads, 3m each

•2292/TEMP1: Temperature probe PT100 for liquids (transformer oil), 30m 2292/TEMP2: Temperature probe PT100 for surfaces (magnetic), 30m

•2293/TEMP2: Temperature probe for surface (magnetic)

•2292/WE2: Warranty extension to 2 years for 2292.

•2292/WE3: Warranty extension to 3 years for 2292  



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