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Washer Electrical Equipment Bond Lug. WEEB-LUG-6.7


Product Categories : BURNDY Products, Solar Energy, Wiley WEEB Lug

Product Brand : Burndy

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The WEEB Lug consists of a WEEB Washer (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond), lay-in lug, and hardware. It is used with one solid or stranded copper wire (14AWG to 6AWG), or two copper wires (12AWG to 10AWG) to provide a continuous ground on roof or ground mounted solar systems

- Material: 304 stainless steel, tin-plated copper, outdoor rated
- Low profile design
- Multiple equipment ground conductor allowance:
- One 14 AWG to 6 AWG or two 10 AWG, two 12 AWG
- Listed to ANSI/UL 467 by Intertek ETL
- WEEB Washers are recognized to UL2703

WEEB Lug 0.39 MB Download

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